Snork Shopping

I have an almost unquenchable thirst for adventure and I cannot seem to get enough of it. Some of my adventures include cave hopping and snorkeling, which requires me to explore new territories through the water. With each new adventure, it seems like I need to invest in new equipment, and one of the latest items I have added to my cart is a full-face snorkel that will allow me more freedom of movement in caves. Of course, I have had my mates advise me on a few brands and the best features from them all, and now I have to come to a decision and buy one. This is what I have come up with and the advantages and disadvantages to the various snorkels are included below.

There are many reasons that you want to have a great snorkel, but at the end of the day, the better your snorkel the more likely you are to enjoy your time spent on the water. There is a slew of options available on the market and the search can above all else, you want to ensure that the mask fits your face like a watertight seal that doesn’t allow for anything to seep in. If you have invested in the wrong size, the skirt will lead to leaking and additional discomfort. Water that seeps in would also have to be removed to keep visibility as high as possible at all times. With a full face mask, lift the head out of the water and then let water drain out. A fitting mask that is not closed directly can also cause up and/or dramatically reduce visibility.

Before investing in a new snorkel mask, it is a good idea to have your face and head measured before buying a new one. Of note is to check the face for width and length, and distance from the space between the eyes. All of these options should be taken into consideration before buying the mask. Of course, it always helps to be able to try on a product before you buy it. If you are able to do so, try it on in front of a mirror and note if any adjustments must be made. Check where the skirt foot lies at the juncture between lips and the nose. There should also be a gap between the eyes and skirt.

Now you can enjoy the view under the sea to the fullest.

A full face mask is an ideal way for a few reasons:


Visibility – there is no frame to alter your vantage point in this edition

Water barrier – with the mask sealed around the entire face, water leakage is significant to reduce to none of next to none.

Natural Breathing – being able to breathe freely on your own is one of the best parts of having a full face mask and the one I prefer to take the most advantage of. When you breathe naturally, you are far more relaxed and calm in waters, which allows you to snorkel for far longer.

The following are just some of the brands available that produce excellent products for those that are about to go snorkel shopping.

Seaview 180

Featuring an anti-leak seal made of silicone, the Seaview 180 keeps your face dry, with no chance of fog build-up inside before there is a dedicated exhale chamber to consider. With this product, users get an illustrious panoramic view. Advantages of this model include a GoPro Mount, easy breathing, and two straps that adjustable.

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Vista Vue Mask

This is a dry snorkel that I can attest actually keeps you dry all day. With its fog-free ventilation, there is a panoramic view of that is of exceptional quality and it doesn’t fog up like many brands.  The disadvantages of this model is that it is not readily available in retail stores, which means you cannot try it out before you invest in it. Also, it is not as compact and lightweight as other models,


Ocean Quest

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With its GoPro Mount and exceptionally dry full face, the Ocean Quest is another impressively built snorkel that I was lucky to find. The benefits of this machine are numerous, but namely, it is extremely confident and doesn’t add any more pressure to the cranium. It also doesn’t lead to fog buildup, which increases visibility. Plus, when you are diving down, the snorkel feels up. But alas, no free diving with this model. But other than that, all the bells and whistles are here for this model and it would be welcomed by anyone interested in snorkeling.