Cavern vs. Cave – There is a Difference

For those that have a taste for adventure, it is always advisable to be fully prepared and armed with the right gear for the situation. I myself am a huge lover of adventure and I have spent a lot of my time recently cave diving as well as cavern diving. If you think they are one and the same, you are incorrect, and I have made it my duty to explain to people the differences between the two. Also, there is gear that one needs to bring along for each one that is specific to the activity. Once you have finished reading this, you will know what supplies are necessary for each experience to ensure you get the most out of it.  

While both adventures offer their own singular excitement, I can safely say that both are great experiences to be had, especially when proper precautions are made in advance to ensure safety. And though there are some that believe they are the same, they are actually quite different. You may end up using a full face snorkel in one of these cases! Here are the ways in which they are different and what you can get out of them.

Viewing Natural Light

While cavern diving, you can see the natural light while exploring a cavern for the entire time. For cave dives, it is possible to trek hundreds of meters past daylight and you may need a flashlight to guide the way. Basically, cavern divers stay closer to the light source of the entrance which allows for natural light to come in. Cave divers, on the other hand, have to fend for themselves at times when it comes to light, requiring that they protect themselves with the proper gear that includes lights, ropes, protective clothing, and more depending on the elements involved.

Take care with these precautions:

Train properly for cave diving, and remember to stay within your limits at all times

Stay connected to the exit of cave

Always exit the cave with 2/3rd of breathing remaining in tank

For greater depths, use the proper gas

Bring 3 light sources for each trip

You should understand innately how the two adventures can be different and one takes more planning than the other. If you want to cave dive, there must be some scuba diving equipment on hand that is specifically made for cave diving.  For cavern diving, however, standard diving gear is all that you need. Of course, you may need to make a few modifications to avoid tangling, but that is about all to get started. With the right modifications to your gear, you will have more accessibility for the entire five, which will boost the buoyancy control and improve positioning in the cavern. All in all, both are great experiences, but it helps to be prepared completely for whichever one you choose. I know that once I learned the ins and outs of each, I respected both of them all the more!